The 80s was an incredible decade. Disco was on its way out and Techno was making its way in. The 80s was kind of an estuary of music providing a spot when two hugely popular musical eras merged to what eventually become known as “The Big 80s.” The Cube transports you back to those awesome times by assembling the biggest monster tunes of the decade and playing them back to back, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without commercials.



Motley Crue’s agreement, signed in front of the media as they announced their then-final tour in 2014, was believed by many to be proof that they would never perform together again. But as bassist Nikki Sixx revealed at the time, it was mostly a safeguard from any individual or combination of them from going out under the Motley Crue name, even though he boasted that it would never be voided.

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